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Scale Model of the ship SERENITY from a Joss Whedon's TV show FIREFLY

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June 14 2009

TWC 10th Sonic Screwdriver Remote - Battery Replacement March 31, 2022

Dr Who - Full size K9 April 12 2009

AnimeNorth 2018 Masquerade Award Winners April 4, 2019

TI-19653 Tie Pilot Troops June 4th, 2024


Click on Picture or here to see how I built him

Updated July 12 2016

R2D2 Building. Build your own full size droid??? Sure why not

Scale Model Building
Sept 12, 2022

Scale model building. I build all subjects; planes, Tanks, ships, cars, figures,
Sci-Fi and so on. This section has tips, reviews of kits I've built, pictures of kits I've built, etc.


Nothing here yet

Skule Nite

April 24 2009 I have
finally got this section
up again but it is
missing stuff



nothing to see here

move along

This is the annual student
theatre show put on by
the Engineering Society
at the University of Toronto
(Canada). It is a musical
comedy format with
various skits ranging
in length from 30 seconds
to 15 minutes. Great fun
and great people.

Nov 12 2001, Lights and rotating dome have been added to R2. The picture below is R2 in April 2001

Click on Picture or here to see how I built him

Updated Dec 2004
Me with a cheesy grin. Hey wouldn't you if you had your own R2. Comments I got were, "Does he do carpets", "Can he make coffee", "Can he replace some of the workers in the plant?"

So what is the meaning of Styrofoam Guy Extraordinaire? Nov 2001

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